About Me

Hi there, my name is Gia.  I started this blog as a way to navigate and document my mental health issues after a particularly troubling period of depression.  Since its inception, I’ve expanded to focus on topics outside of mental illness (that often intersect with these issues), such as gender, sexuality, disability, income insecurity, and race/ethnicity.

My main goal with this blog is to be very honest and open about the struggles and successes I face in my treatment, in a way that is accessible to all people. I think it’s important to have real, true descriptions of these kind of experiences because it can a) help me remember my own journey’s ups and downs, and b) help someone else out (since the DSM uses language that isn’t exactly accessible to all people).

I work actively to be inclusive to people from all gender and sexual identities.  I identify as an intersectional feminist and am always working to learn more and develop more effective methods of communicating with people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

My Story

I live in Toronto, Canada where I just finished attending the University of Toronto (specializing in English and minoring in Migration & Ethnic Diversity Studies). I’m following up my studies with a diploma program at George Brown College focusing on advocacy and counselling of abused womxn and children in September ’17, with hopes of following up my mental health/LGBTQ activism with a career as a counsellor and advocate for female-identifying survivors of assault and rape.

I am a very white-passing mixed-race cis womxn.  My ethnic background is Sephardi, Italian Jewish, and South Asian (with nearly negligible amounts of Irish and Ashkenazi).  I was raised by atheists (who were raised by atheists), and I now practice reform/egalitarian Judaism.  I also identify as queer, specifically asexual and bi-romantic.  These are all really important aspects of my life and have all impacted my personality, identity, activism, and political leaning.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder, generalized anxiety, and agoraphobia. These diagnoses came after years of reassessments and a severe dissociative/depressive episode, after an initial diagnosis of major depression and social anxiety six years earlier. I’m a strong supporter of educated self diagnosis (and self-advocacy related to mental health diagnoses), as well as medication in combination with therapy and mindfulness work.

Outside of social justice, I love video and board games. I’m a big Mario, Pokemon, and Sonic fangirl, and I love tabletop games and RPGs. I spend a lot of time gathering all kinds of cool and/or cute collectibles, such as tokidoki Mermicornos (or anything tokidoki, really). I have two rescue cats, Tony and Eliot, and am roommates with my brother Dylan, who is also my best friend. To really relax, I enjoy reading, singing, and spending time outside.

Thanks for reading, checking out my blog, and interacting with my words in some way. I really appreciate the support!